What Is Chakra Balancing?

Chakra balancing is a healing modality that is used to bring balance back to the body if one is  experiencing imbalances related to the chakras. Chakra balancing directs energy to the chakras, removing blockages and easing pain and ailments that are tied to the chakras. Through balancing the chakras, some of the common benefits a person can experience include pain relief, more energy, and a sense of overall health.

How can chakra balancing help you? / What are some benefits of chakra balancing?

Chakra balancing can improve mental clarity and peace

Clear blocks that may be related to the chakras

Ease fears and worries

Eliminate or minimize phobias

Improve focus and your performance where more focus is required 

Improve pains and digestion

Reduces feelings of fatigue, weakness, and exhaustion 

Brings more balance overall to your life

How does it work?

We pick a time that works best for us both and meet via video chat. You will want to be in a fairly quiet space that will allow you to relax and be uninterrupted. We chat for a couple of minutes before we get started with your session and go over a form that I’ll have you complete prior to your session. This form prompts you to set your intention for our session and we analyze what you need your chakra balancing session to assist you with currently. We will then get started with our session and I will guide you through the process of relaxing yourself and some light breathwork and meditation. I’ll ask you a few short questions once the session has begun so we can focus deeper on your intention. Relax and allow the healing process to happen!  

How it can affect you (Things to know before you book!):

You may feel a bit ill or tired after your very first session. This is normal after any kind of energy healing/therapy because your body is lightly cleansing/detoxing and rebalancing itself. I recommend taking things slow and easy the next day and allowing your body to do what it’s supposed to do.

Feelings of exhaustion are normal. Drink plenty of water and relax afterward. Do not try to do any heavy lifting or strenuous activities immediately after. Take this opportunity to give yourself the rest time that you deserve. 

FAQ about Chakra Balancing:

❓Can a chakra balancing be done virtually?

Yes, a chakra balancing can be done virtually and would be done in a similar way that a face-to-face session is done.

❓How does chakra balancing differ from reiki?

✨Reiki is more free-flowing energy and goes where it needs to so it can help you to heal. Since it is more free-flowing energy, it has fewer restrictions. A chakra balancing session directs energy to a specific point. Those points are the chakras. 

❓Are there any negative side effects to receiving a chakra balancing?

✨Nope! But I highly recommend taking care of yourself after your session. Drink lots of water and rest up, because you may feel temporarily tired and need a bit of downtime afterward. 

❓I have more questions! What should I do?

✨Click the “Book My Session!” button. You will see a dropdown that gives you a free 15-minute consultation option. Select that and let’s chat!