What is Reiki?

Reiki is Universal life energy that we can use to heal ourselves and all living beings. The practice of reiki healing is from Japan and has been used for centuries to help the body cure itself of a wide range of imbalances. Today, Reiki is used as a gentle therapy all over the world by practitioners who work in alternative medicine, holistic medicine, and even hospitals just to name a few. 

Reiki is typically transferred from a certified practitioner by placing their hands on or above the recipient, and it can even be transferred virtually! Reiki can only be used for good and never to harm.

How can Reiki help you? / What are some benefits of Reiki?

Reiki has the ability to improve overall physical health

Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression

Improves sleep and increases relaxation

Helps to remove emotional blocks

Aids in processing emotions and working through certain traumas

Can help the body to cleanse itself of anything it doesn’t need (This could include cleansing of feelings, emotions, energy, or physical cleansing).

Can reduce physical pain in the body 

Can help a person to feel lighter and more level-headed in making decisions 

How does it work?

We pick a time that works best for us both and meet via video chat. You will want to be in a fairly quiet space that will allow you to relax and be uninterrupted. We chat for a couple of minutes before we get started with your session and go over a form that I’ll have you complete prior to your session. This form prompts you to set your intention for our session and what you need Reiki to assist you with currently. We will then get started with our session and I will guide you through the process of relaxing yourself and some light breathwork and meditation. Relax and allow Reiki to do what it needs to do!  

How it can affect you (Things to know before you book!):

❤️Reiki does not have the same effects on everyone. A session can leave you feeling relaxed, really tired, or energized. It’s important to keep this in mind as you’re planning for the day after your session

❤️Drinking lots of cool water afterward is highly recommended. Sometimes, energy healing sessions leave our bodies feeling different because we just put it through a foreign process.

❤️Staying hydrated will assist with any tiredness or fatigue you may feel after your treatment

❤️You may get the urge to take things slow afterward. Listen to your body and allow the process to happen

❤️Depending on a person’s situation, reiki can aid in the body’s natural cleansing process. You may find yourself taking a few more restroom breaks than you are used to. This is normal. 

❤️You may find yourself being more emotional than normal and things may start making more sense in your life. Don’t resist this process. Your body is releasing what it no longer needs and is working to create more balance for you!

❤️You may not feel any physical changes during, and even after, your actual session. This is also normal. Reiki can work long after your session in different areas of your life!

FAQ about Reiki:

❓Does Reiki really work virtually? 

✨Yes! Studies have shown that a virtual reiki session is equally as powerful as an in-person session. The only limitations energy has are the limitations that we place upon it ourselves 

❓Are there any dangers to having a reiki session?

✨Nope! There are no dangers to having a reiki session. You have nothing to lose, but lots to gain from your sessions!

❓Can Reki do anything bad to me?

✨No. Reiki is natural healing energy and can never be transformed into dark or negative energy. It also can never be used to cause harm to a person. It exists for one purpose only, and that is to help us on our journey. 

❓What will I feel during a session?

You may feel certain sensations like tingling or warmth. Some people don’t feel anything at all during their sessions, like me! 

❓Does it still work if I don’t feel anything during my session

✨Speaking from experience, I can confidently say yes! I didn’t think my first session worked at all. I didn’t notice a shift in my energy until two days later. 

❓I have more questions! What should I do?

✨Click the “Book My Session!” button. You will see a dropdown that gives you a free 15-minute consultation option. Select that and let’s chat!